17 Feb 2021




It is with deep sadness that I have departed BRFC. The club that I have supported since I was a boy. I joined the academy as a 10-year-old and can now say that I had the privilege to manage the club I supported...if only for 12 weeks. My biggest disappointment is missing the opportunity to manage a match at the Memorial Stadium packed with home supporters.


I would like to thank the players for their commitment and efforts. In a short space of time, I felt a tangible improvement in their performances. They were truly great to coach. The performances they gave in my time as manager were a credit to them. (Especially in my last two when we needed a result so badly). I wish them the very best of luck with the remainder of the season and in their future careers. Coaching and developing players is both my forte and my passion and despite some difficult results the players always listened and gave everything for the team. In the space of only 3 months, I have forged some very strong relationships and will be monitoring their careers closely. I know I could have really made a difference in their careers.


Covid has made everyone’s lives incredibly challenging, and despite a host of logistical difficulties, it was a privilege to be working and doing what I love. Given more time, I’m sure I could have brought joy and pride to the fans following us from home. Football has never been so important. 


I leave my role with the full knowledge that I could not have given more to the role. Sadly, it became clear that differences of opinion regarding the balance of the squad and how we should move forward meant that working together would have become frustrating for all concerned. I understand the nuances of operating within a larger hierarchical structure and I have always strived to collaborate with those around me. This doesn’t mean my feeling for the club changes in any way. Whoever is in charge, I wish the club every success in the future.


I’d like to thank the club President Wael for my appointment in late November. I really appreciate the opportunity. To the friendly staff around the club who made me feel very welcome - these long-serving people will always be the very soul of any club - I urge you to retain the joy in being part of the BR family. And most importantly to the players who tried so hard. I will always respect them for that.

March on.