01 Apr 2021


Over the past year, we have worked continually with our colleagues across football and wider sport to support those who have been affected by the many and varied difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Today we are pleased to share a very special recorded webinar which provides information and guidance for those who are experiencing the long-term effects of the coronavirus, a condition known as ‘long COVID’.

During the relatively early days of the pandemic, doctors and researchers realised that a number of those who had been directly affected by the virus were continuing to experience symptoms long after the actual infection had ceased.

According to the NHS, many people who feel unwell as a result of the virus start to improve within a few days or weeks, and most make a full recovery within 12 weeks, but some people experience long-term symptoms, including extreme fatigue, shortness of breath and problems with memory and concentration. 

With the invaluable support of the Premier League, the LMA Wellness programme provides access to regular, comprehensive health assessments for members and their families, as well as guidance and support in all areas of health and wellbeing, and we are continuing to work together to develop a personalised long-term support programme for those who are affected by long COVID.

If you would like to watch the Long Covid – The Current State of Play webinar click here and we are very grateful to all of those who have so generously given their time to contribute to, and produce, this discussion: 

• Dr Ed Morris, Medical Governance Advisor, Premier League

• Dr Mark Gillett, Chief Medical Officer, Premier League

• Dr Steve Gordon, Department of Infectious Disease, Cleveland Clinic

• Dr Ruth Whitby, Chair of General Practice, Cleveland Clinic London

• Professor Sanjay Sharma, Professor of Cardiology, St George’s, University of London

• Dr David Arnold, Doctoral Researcher in Respiratory Infection

• All at the Cleveland Clinic