11 Feb 2021


"Firstly, I would like to say that I enjoyed my time at London Bees and I would like to thank the Chairman, staff and players past and present at the club.

"I leave the club after nearly two years, becoming one of the longest serving managers in The FA Women’s Championship. Finishing with a London Bees record of 5th in the division and being awarded two Manager of the Month trophies were personal highlights.

"This season has seen unprecedented challenges and to maintain and keep the club in its current position is an accomplishment which I believe the current staff and players will complete over the remaining games. 

"I am so pleased and thankful for the attitude, commitment and talent of the group of players and staff I worked with. They all go above and beyond every week. I’m proud of the team we built on and off the pitch and I would like to offer a huge thank you to Sian, Craig, Connor, Luigi, Dimi, Karl, Billy, Syed and Adam.

"Lastly, thank you for all the messages from players past and present, the fans and the football family in general. I hope there will be another opportunity for me soon and wish everyone at the club the very best for the future."