19 Apr 2021


The LMA stands alongside the game’s other stakeholders in opposing the newly proposed European Super League. We believe that any such league would be catastrophically destabilising to the entire European football pyramid, with deep and far-reaching consequences.    

The proposals look to create a structure in European football, dominated by a self-selected group of wealthy clubs. Such a closed-shop league structure would be fundamentally anti-competitive and in stark opposition to the rich history and heritage of the meritocratic framework that is at the heart of the interconnected relationship between the domestic leagues and European club football. Closing off the top of the pyramid of European club football would immediately extinguish many of the ambitions and dreams that drive managers, coaches, players and fans.  

Club owners are custodians of the clubs they lead and they have a duty and responsibility to the integrity of the game that should always take precedence over self-interest and financial gain. Now more than ever, as the game looks to face the challenges of re-emerging from the COVID pandemic, it needs to be unified, working to the principles of cooperation and solidarity. We will support the game’s stakeholders in taking any appropriate measures required and we urge those leading the clubs responsible for the European Super League proposals to fundamentally reconsider their position and act in the best interests of the whole game.