11 Oct 2021


"I would like to go on record and thank Andrew Jenkins, John Nixon, Steve Patterson and the other board of directors for giving me the opportunity to represent this football club back in November 2019.

"Thanks also to David Holdsworth, Director of Football, who I’ve had a great working relationship with during my tenure.

"Huge plaudits to Gavin Skelton and the coaching staff for the endless hours and hard work supporting the cause, it is often said in football that it really isn’t a job, it’s a way of life, all-consuming and all conquering, that impacts upon family and friends with the highs and lows.

"Thank you to Sarah McKnight, Suzanne Kidd, Nigel Clibbins, Andy Hall, Amy Nixon and the rest of the back office staff for making things tick behind the scenes. Their work often goes unnoticed but their efforts and support has always been appreciated.

"To the players, past and present, who have worked under me at Carlisle, thank you for your contributions as individuals, committed to delivering the core values that we want representing the football club, as we chase that three-point feeling week after week and hopefully, in one way or another you’ll feel you’ve grown, improved and learned to be better on and off the pitch.

"Finally to the supporters, I’m proud to have taken the football club to the top of League Two, in December last year, from where we were when I walked in the building and to have given people something to be proud of, encouraged by, and passionate about, during the most challenging time society has seen during my lifetime, through the COVID-19 pandemic. Like you all, I was inspired by the football we played and what I believed we’d go on to achieve.

"As a coach, it’s rewarding to identify and recruit players, make them better and see them grow. Some of ours moved on to new opportunities at the end of the season as a result of our work and some, the club has been in a position to benefit from financially through player sales as a consequence, which goes a long way to supporting the financial sustainability of the football club.

"I am disappointed that things haven’t worked out the way we all intended, it has certainly not been due to lack of effort or desire on anyone’s part, but I appreciate that in football, the person picking the team is ultimately accountable for success and failure."