Mental Health

Mental health and wellbeing is integral to the LMA’s Member Services offering. We recognise the extreme pressure our members face whilst operating in a demanding profession. Therefore, the health and wellbeing of managers and coaches is integral to the LMA’s Member Services programme. The LMA provides advice on good mental health awareness, coping strategies and support, providing a foundation for managers to operate effectively and flourish.

The LMA has taken responsibility for ensuring that all of its members can access independent trained mentors, who can provide trusted guidance and advice where required.

We also recognise that our members are also responsible for their group of players and their backroom teams. The LMA is here to guide on the role the manager plays in looking after the health and wellbeing of not only themselves but also the team and the individuals they manage, as well as the manager’s family support network.


We regularly communicate with the LMA’s membership, at all stages of their career, and the personal affinity we have with each and every one of our members is key. Our service offering is flexible to the requirements of each member, dependent on their work status. Through structured programmes, regular 1-to-1 meetings, support for new managers, CPD events, online webinars and discussions, commercial and community engagement, and of course health and wellbeing consultations, we keep every member connected to the LMA, providing a sense of community, belonging and social connectedness.  

LMA Member Services

The LMA provides health and wellbeing support in a wide range of areas:

LMA Wellness

The 24-hour mental and emotional wellbeing support offered to members sits under the umbrella of LMA Wellness.

LMA Wellness offers access to a full range of both physical and mental health services focused on prevention and treatment of a significant range of individual health issues.

The LMA Wellness offering extends to all LMA members and crucially their immediate dependents. It has been designed specifically with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of both the demographics of the LMA’s membership and the unique pressures and volatility involved in football management.

The LMA has invested in a medical advisory committee, which brings together a team of leading health professionals including those specialising in the area of mental and emotional wellbeing, to guide, shape and deliver these services.

Mental Health: Member Support

The LMA’s in-house consultant psychiatrists and psychologists provide 1-to-1 confidential advice and support to our members, with referrals to a wider team of consultant psychiatrists, and clinical and performance psychologists.

The team offers direct 1-to-1 confidential support to members and their families.

The LMA Wellness offering also includes access to bespoke physical, age-related health and wellbeing assessments and referrals, signposting into a network of specialist health consultants and services and access to a comprehensive private health insurance scheme.

LMA Institute of Leadership and High Performance

Mental health education forms a key part of the education programme provided under the LMA Institute of Leadership and High Performance.

The LMA runs a variety of masterclasses, workshops and webinars on and around the topic of mental and emotional wellbeing which are open to all managers and coaches in the game.

Every year, as part of the LMA Diploma in Football Management accredited by the University of Liverpool, students attend full-day compulsory masterclasses covering a range of health and wellbeing topics.

The LMA Mental Health and Resilience Guide offers members and their families supporting information across all areas of mental health and resilience, including information on how to access 24/7 support if and when needed.

The LMA’s 1-to-1 career and personal development programme, providing bespoke development programmes for our individual members, has health and mental wellbeing at the heart of its offering; it is the foundation on which individuals build fulfilling, successful and rewarding careers. Through the 1-to-1 programme, all members have access to a team of more than 100 consultants, advisors and mentors, including a range of wellbeing and mental health guidance and advice.

LMA Technical Mentors

The LMA ILM-Assured Mentor Training Programme has trained with more than 50 technical mentors who now work with over 70 LMA members across the Premier League, English Football League, National League, The Barclays Women’s Super League, and The Barclays Women’s Championship, providing expert, impartial guidance and mentoring to help them deal with the day-to-day challenges faced by football managers.


LMA Initiatives, Campaigns and Awareness

The LMA is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of mental health in the football and sporting community and, in particular, reducing the stigma that surrounds it.

The LMA supports a number of game-wide initiatives tackling mental health issues, including:

Mentally Healthy Football Declaration

Report Published in May 2022

The Mentally Healthy Football Declaration is a game-wide initiative to improve the mental health of all participants in the game. Through this campaign, all stakeholders have recognised the importance of ensuring a proactive approach to protecting and improving the mental health of those who interact with the game, either professionally or recreationally.

The LMA is proud to remain an integral part of the campaign and will continue to promote best practices and lead on projects which create positive outcomes for the campaign.

Shining a Light on Suicide Campaign and Prevention Video

In April 2022, the LMA partnered with the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, in launching a nationwide campaign, Shining a Light on Suicide, which aims to help prevent suicide - following a successful launch in Greater Manchester in 2021.

To kick-start the national rollout of this ground-breaking partnership, a new film was created featuring Gareth Southgate OBE, Andy Burnham, all 20 Premier League Managers and managers from across the EFL and WSL. The film aims to use the managers’ influence and reach to raise awareness of the free online suicide prevention training, which nearly two million people across the country have taken so far.

The training, which has been run by Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership since 2019, is a crucial part of the Shining a Light on Suicide campaign. The award-winning campaign works to bring the word suicide out of the dark, so that everyone can confidently start open and honest conversations about suicide and suicidal feelings.

Free online training link - https://shiningalightonsuicide.org.uk/learn-to-save-a-life/

Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation

As a signatory of the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation, the LMA is committed to taking action across the following six areas:

  • use our sport to promote good mental health and wellbeing
  • adopt good mental health policies and best practices
  • appoint ambassadors and role models
  • tackle discrimination on the grounds of mental health
  • support a pan-sport platform to develop and share resources and best practice
  • regularly monitor our performance