Herbert Chapman

Herbert Chapman (1907 – 1934)
Regarded by many as the first 'modern' manager in English football, Herbert Chapman lifted The Arsenal to previously unimaginable greatness in the 1930s, having led Huddersfield Town to glory the previous decade. If one man was responsible for making Arsenal a major force in English football it was Herbert Chapman.

It was in the 1930s that Chapman's ideas really came to fruition in North London . He had a new stadium built and installed under-soil heating. He set up the best medial facilities for the treatment of his players and established youth schemes to train and develop young talent. He was also responsible for the introduction of the white football but the football authorities rejected some of Chapman's other proposals, such as numbering player's shirts and playing matches under floodlights. It was clear that he was a man ahead of his time.

Trophies Won
League Champions 1924, 1925 ( Huddersfield Town ), 1931, 1933 (Arsenal)
FA Cup 1922, 1930 (Arsenal)

Significant Firsts
Huddersfield was the first team ever to win three successive Championships (1924 – 1926).
Arsenal was the second club to win three successive Championships (1933-1935).

“If you sat near him at a big match… you realised the intense earnestness of the man… I have never seen such concentration.” – Frank Cole, Daily Telegraph
“He [Chapman] inspired awe and respect rather than fear," - Cliff Bastin

Key Players
Baker, Lambert, Preedy, Seddon, Hapgood, John , Jack, Parker , James, Whittaker, Hulme, Cliff Bastin.

Honours (6)
  • league-titles
    • Arsenal:
      • Football League Division One Champions, (1932-01-01)
      • Football League Division One Champions, (1930-01-01)
    • Huddersfield Town:
      • Football League Division One Champions, (1924-01-01)
      • Football League Division One Champions, (1923-01-01)
  • domestic-trophies
    • Arsenal:
      • FA Cup Winners, (1929-01-01)
    • Huddersfield Town:
      • FA Cup Winners, (1921-01-01)
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