14 Oct 2019


The LMA is delighted to introduce the new Manager magazine app for Apple and Android.

The Manager magazine was first published in January 2009, combining insights from some of the world's best football managers with high profile leaders from business and other industries to assist in the personal and professional development of managers from all walks of life.

Since then, over 30 editions have been published, all of which are available to read on your smartphone or tablet.

You can now download the latest issue directly to your tablet or smartphone to read on the go, and browse through all back issues at the touch of a button.

Purchase a single edition of the magazine for £3.99 or subscribe and receive a year's worth of magazines for only £11.99.

Download the app now by clicking the appropriate link below on your smartphone or tablet:


Download on the Apple App Store


Get it on Google Play

(Please note this cannot be downloaded on desktop or laptop computers)