12 Apr 2017


Developing leadership skills for football managers and coaches - a high level training programme of e-learning courses recognised by the Football Association and UEFA.

As part of its commitment to supporting and developing managers and coaches, the League Managers Association has developed a series of e-learning football management courses, known as the LMA School of Football Management.

The course content has been provided by LMA Chairman Howard Wilkinson, with more than 3 hours of video interviews from LMA members including Fabio Capello, Sir Alex Ferguson, Roy Hodsgon, David Moyes, Arsène Wenger and Howard himself.

Each course involves the learner in 15 hours of study which include interactive tasks, online activities and solving scenario based problems supported by online tutors appointed by the LMA.

The courses benefit football managers and coaches who work with, or aspire to work with, professional, semi -professional, college or elite youth players.

Why register for the courses?

  • The LMA School of Football Management Courses are recognised by the FA as authorised refresher courses to retain the UEFA Pro Licence
  • The courses are excellent preparation to become a Head Coach/Football Manager
  • Professional development and, where appropriate, as a qualifying credit to retain National Association Coach Education Qualifications
  • Ease of Access for busy coaches and managers, via the internet and flexible learning
  • Access to top quality experts with the experience and the actual practical knowledge of LMA members
  • Training based on practical problems with greater opportunity for reflection & discussion

Course 1: Developing a Culture of Excellence

Six modules:

  • Increasing your awareness of ‘What is a Culture of Excellence?’
  • Reflecting on your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Developing a set of values that define you
  • Establishing realistic objectives
  • Knowing how to achieve these objectives
  • Improving your communication


  • Video interviews
  • More than 3 hours of video interviews in Course 1 from Fabio Capello, Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsène Wenger, Roy Hodgson, David Moyes and  Howard Wilkinson
  • Online tutor support – appointed by the LMA to assist learners
  • Interactive tasks involving key course themes
  • Scenarios - dilemmas based on REAL problems experienced by LMA members. Learners provide advice for the LMA tutor and other learners to view and comment.
  • Community website


  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • A personal learning log
  • Opportunities to ask questions, share ideas and discuss common issues
  • Topic specific blogs
  • Archive of football management articles and links
  • Review of case studies

Course 2: ‘Identifying Potentially Talented Players'

The Courses are designed to prompt the learner to develop their own thinking aided by the views of these experienced practitioners and research. For further details click here

Some of the first coaches who have completed this course have given us their views as can be seen here 

For whom is the Course Intended ?

  • For Football  coaches who work in youth football in Talent Development  Programmes ( or who aspire to work in such Programmes )
  • Typical Programmes would include : Pro and Semi - Pro Clubs, Youth Academies, Development Academies, Colleges, Youth Soccer Clubs , ODP ( in the USA)

Benefits of taking the Course

  • Developing your own thinking with the help of experienced practitioners
  • Improve your Talent ID skills to recognise Potential Talent in Players
  • Increase understanding of the background of talented players
  • Help to be able to identify what potential  talent looks like at various ages
  • Share learning insights with a global community  of coaches
  • Apply lessons learnt  into your own coaching situation

Two Best Selling E- Books on Player Analysis  provided as part of the Course fee

Access an archive of over 100 Research Articles on Talent ID in Football

The opportunity to develop your own Portfolio of Evidence. All learners will be prompted to complete tasks and thus create their own E- Portfolio which is provided for them on completion of the course as a PDF. This is achieved using the unique Pebble Pad e-learning system to initiate your own interactive workbook . At the core of this system are the concepts of reflection and self- ownership of the learner’s material

  • Obtain feedback from Online Tutors
  • Certification on Successful Completion
  • The Courses include conducted video interviews with a number of  Academy Managers and former Academy Managers/Assistant Managers  including the following :

-    Steve Heighway

-    Alan Irvine

-    Tony Carr

-    Chris Ramsey

-    Martin Hunter

-    Dave Parnaby

-    Paul McGuinness

-    Bryan Jones

-    Terry Burton

-    Hope Powell 

-    Marieanne Spacey-Cale

-    Dave Richardson

For more information on the course, please contact Robin Russell - rrussellsportspath@gmail.com

The course is designed for active learners committed to their own Continued Professional Development, who can organise their own self-directed learning in a flexible format via the internet: the course will take at least 15 hours to complete but learners can work at their own pace over any length of time.