23 Jan 2023


Throughout the season the LMA Institute of Leadership and High Performance runs a programme of full day, face-to-face masterclasses at professional football and elite sport venues around the country. 

The masterclasses aim to bring together managers and coaches from the professional game with wellbeing, personal development, leadership and sports performance experts to explore and discuss vocationally relevant new thinking and ideas. The masterclasses aim to reinforce the ongoing community of practice within the profession, as well as providing the platform for individuals’ further personal development, skill development and behaviour change.

The LMA masterclasses are open to all current and active coaches and managers across the professional game, men’s and women’s, including the academies.

Recent masterclass sessions have included:

  • Understanding personal resilience
  • Stress, pressure and coping
  • Sleep and recovery
  • Developing team resilience
  • Developing high performance cultures
  • Leadership and professional judgement
  • The importance of vision
  • Working with the media
  • Leading with influence
  • The psychology of winning
  • Ecological dynamics and practice design
  • Contemporary approaches to player preparation
  • Principles of play
  • Periodisation in practice