11 Aug 2014


Elite Soccer is the only magazine to publish football training sessions from managers in the Premier and Football leagues. Published by Green Star Media in partnership with the LMA, Elite Soccer can take your training sessions to the next level.

Contributors have included José Mourinho, Manuel Pellegrini, Roy Hodgson, Arsène Wenger, Sir Alex Ferguson, Carlo Ancelotti, Brendan Rodgers, Roberto Martinez and many more.

Every issue of Elite Soccer contains six training plans from football league managers and coaches with at least one from a Premier League manager. Each session is explained with text and diagrams to enable you to fit the ideas easily in to your own team’s training plan.

Elite Soccer is available online only – to find out more and to subscribe visit:



Elite Soccer is a fantastic magazine that helps coaches get the most out of their players. I encourage all my coaches to read it.”

- Arsène Wenger, Manager, Arsenal

“As a regular reader of Elite Soccer, l look forward to receiving every issue. I'm delighted to share one of my own sessions with fellow coaches for the first time, exclusively in Elite Soccer”

- José Mourinho, Manager, Chelsea

Elite Soccer is the first time that we have harnessed the collective knowledge of our membership to create such a practical and insightful tool for grassroots and amateur coaches.

I am particularly pleased that our members have taken the opportunity to get involved.

All of the managers appearing in Elite Soccer have taken the time to write their session plan specifically for the magazine in order to give you the most rewarding experience as you recreate their session with your players”

- Howard Wilkinson, Chairman, League Managers Association