30 Mar 2020


LMA Technical Partner Totum Sport is to give its entire stock to help Frontline Heroes in the fight against COVID-19.

The sports nutrition and hydration brand, which provides product to Premier League players and is an Associate Partner with Newcastle United, will donate millions of sachets of its hydration, performance and recovery solution to NHS staff.

In these unsporting times, the company believes that medical staff working in the toughest endurance conditions, though long and challenging shifts as they battle to treat those with coronavirus, will benefit from their premium product.

The company, which is entering the second year of its Technical Partner agreement with the LMA, is the holder of the world standard Men’s Health Overall Winner for cardio supplements.

Announcing his company’s support for the ‘Frontline Heroes’ John Kelleher Founder and CEO of Cellnutrition Sport (Totum Sport’s parent company) said today: “We have product that improves overall Performance and Recovery in athletes, the fittest and physically strongest members of society. 

“It is now imperative that our doctors, nurses and all emergency staff have access to this purely scientific product as they bid to sustain their physical and mental conditioning throughout tough and arduous shifts, never seen before in the modern age.

“The daily endurance and performance of these incredible professionals is essential to the extraordinary work that these people across Ireland are doing in their hourly and daily fight to save lives in this COVID19 emergency.” 

Kelleher, whose company is based in the Northeast of England, said that he will fast-tract product from other international marketplaces where his brands are sold to keep up supplies for UK staff. 

Any members of the LMA who have loved ones or friends working in the current emergency are asked to direct them to the company’s free offer, which is available on totumsport.com and inquiries can be sent to NHS@totumsport.com