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CLARITY AND PURPOSE Although the 2020/21 season is now well underway, the disruption of recent months has meant it is only now, in this Autumn 2020 edition of the Manager, that we are able to congratulate our LMA Annual Awards winners. With no formal London awards dinner, we were incredibly grateful to Sky Sports for agreeing to host a live LMA Awards show. Congratulations to Jürgen Klopp, awarded LMA Manager of the Year and the recipient of the Sir Alex Ferguson Trophy, and Emma Hayes, Gemma Davies, Marcelo Bielsa, Mark Robins and David Artell for winning the Manager of the Year awards for their respective divisions. I am sure, in years to come, all six will look back with pride on how they brought their teams together and gave them purpose during this most difficult of times. The full effects of the Covid pandemic are still to play out in football and new lockdown measures this winter may have further systemic impacts on the structures within our game. The economic sustainability of the football pyramid will continue to be tested and we urge all stakeholders in the game to search for measures, in a collaborative way, that build in long-term resilience, rather than just providing short-term fixes. The same principle must also apply as the game continues to address the issue of BAME under-representation in coaching, management and leadership. This edition coincides with Black History Month and we are proud to have one of our most active and influential members, Chris Powell, on the front cover. Chris calls on the game to grasp the opportunity we have to effect change and we agree. There is a danger that, if the game does not properly unify to seek joined-up solutions, the talk and individual stakeholder programmes will not be as effective as they could have been. Success is born out of clarity of purpose, and a collaborative team approach, built on strong, professional and respectful relationships. Richard Bevan, LMA Chief Executive 01 WELCOME BLACK PLAYERS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN PART OF THE FABRIC OF THE GAME AND THE SAME SHOULD BE TRUE OFF THE PITCH. I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. CHRIS POWELL MOST OF WHAT MAKES A CULTURE GOES ON UNDERNEATH; IT’S THE INTERACTIONS AND THE MUCH MORE VISCERAL EXPERIENCE YOU HAVE OF AN ORGANISATION. ANNIE COLEMAN THE NEXT STEP IS TO GIVE MORE CONSIDERATION TOWHAT MAKES PEOPLE HAPPY, BECAUSE THERE’S STRONG EVIDENCE THAT HAPPINESS ATWORK IS CLOSELY LINKED TO MOTIVATION AND PERFORMANCE. PROF NATTAVUDH POWDTHAVEE THE LMA INSTITUTE OF LEADERSHIP AND HIGH PERFORMANCE The LMA Institute of Leadership and High Performance is established to provide CPD-accredited vocational in-career learning and personal development for the managers, coaches and performance support teams across English football. PROUDLY SUPPORTED BY LOCKDOWNWAS THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY MY SUPPORT TEAM AND I HAD TO REFLECT ON THE SITUATION THE CLUBWAS IN, WHY THAT WAS AND HOWWE MIGHT GO ABOUT FIXING IT. MICHAEL O’NEILL I TRIED TO GET THE PLAYERS TO VISUALISE PUTTING THEIR MEDALS AROUND THEIR KIDS’ NECKS, THE MEMORIES WE’D CREATE THAT WOULD LAST A LIFETIME. RYAN LOWE YOU STILL GET A LOT OF PEOPLE IN SPORTWHO JUST WANT TO BE SEEN TO BE THE BEST, BUT FOR US ITWAS A 100 PER CENT COMMITMENT TO BE THE BEST, FROM DAY ONE TO THE END. TIM FOSTER MBE