17 Jan 2018


Southend United have announced that Phil Brown has left the club.

Brown has been Manager of the Club for approaching five years during which time Southend United has enjoyed success including promotion in 2015 to League One. During this period Phil Brown has been instrumental in improving many aspects of the Club, including embracing the Academy above all other Managers, for which we sincerely thank him.

However this season, to date, has been a disappointment and has not reflected, in the Board’s opinion, the capability of the assembled squad or the investment.

Recent performances have been unacceptable and in the Board's view the lack of discipline, Nile Ranger a case in point, has only served to compound the position. The Club's success as we enter a new era is paramount and we shall adopt a zero tolerance in our efforts to achieve this objective. These are exciting times with everyone at the Club working earnestly, with the help of the Council, to deliver ‘The Future’ for the benefit of the Town and its Football Club.

Source: Southend United FC