26 Jul 2019


The FA has launched 'Concussion for players: lessons from the pitch' – a new film aimed at raising awareness among players about the importance of recognising and responding to symptoms of concussion.

In the film, former Reading and Ireland striker, Kevin Doyle is joined by Chelsea and England defender Millie Bright, and grassroots player Mitch Lacey to share their open, honest accounts of concussions in football.

They discuss how they felt immediately after the injury, the decisions they made in that moment and the lessons they’ve learned since then. While their stories vary, each player reflects on how they continued to play with a concussion – and put themselves at increased risk.

This is one of the key messages to players: if in doubt, sit it out.

The film also features Jonathan Hanson, a renowned sports physician and emergency care adviser to The FA, who highlights some surprising facts:

  • Only 10% of people who have a concussion lose consciousness. 
  • Any impact that applies force to the head and brain, e.g. body check or shoulder barge, can cause a concussion. It's not just head injuries. 

It's important to remember that the film doesn't replace The FA’s concussion guidelines. However, they have designed it as an education tool that can be shared with the players, coaches, parents and carers at your club, ahead of each season, to remind them about the importance of this topic.

Click here to watch the video

Source: The FA